A white elderly man wearing a mask is sitting on a sofa while a white woman caregiver is asking for his medical information.

Our COVID-19 Statement

Since the beginning of the pandemic, our priority has been and continues to be the safety and well being of our staff and clients. This means adherence to mandated and recommended protocols from the the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) as well as federal, state and local agencies. 

As a family owned business, there is nothing scarier than the thought of having a loved one suffer.  Our commitment to help our aging population is stronger than ever.  We are one big family.

Our agency fully supports vaccination.  We understand there are valid exceptions.  We have protocols to adhere to these as well as keep our staff informed.

Demand for home care is at an all-time high. The pandemic has added a degree of complexity that our industry has not seen before.  We recognize that the home is not only preferred by clients but is generally considered safer than facility-based care. 

Many sectors of our economy are experiencing a workforce shortage.  Our industry has been heavily impacted as well. We have dedicated personnel focused on hiring, retention and adapting/establishing new norms. 

We continue to build personal relationships with our caregivers. This has been the foundation of our organization.  Some have been with us since we first started.  This personal interaction and unified focus to provide quality care has helped us mitigate the staffing challenges our industry is currently facing. 

One on one care is different for every client.  Home care enables seniors and people with disabilities to remain at home by assisting with their activities of living such as bathing, dressing and medication reminders/monitoring. 

Each care plan is unique.  Through collaboration and open dialogue, we build each one together, as a family.  We will overcome.