From (Deborah – patient’s relative)                                                                                                                                    Special thanks for your loving care.  Cielo was especially helpful and wonderful.  May you receive continuous blessings for the inspired work that you do.  With deepest appreciation.

I was recently a client of Premier Homecare Angels.  As the result of a broken leg and surgery, I needed a caregiver for two and a half months since I was unable to use one leg. Fortunately, I got in touch with a care manager whom I have known for many years and she referred me to the agency. One of the aspects that I appreciated was the flexibility of the agency.  I needed a caregiver for a short time each day, and they were able to arrange that.  The two owners were available by phone and e-mail and were consistently helpful, knowledgeable, and polite.Most of all, I am grateful for the quality of the caregiver.  He was well trained, self-directed (i.e., I did not have to ask him to do everything; if he saw something was needed, he responded), and kind.  It was a pleasure to work with him.There is no hesitation on my part in recommending Premier Homecare Angels.  My life was made easier during a difficult time by their conscientiousness.

For Johanna (Patient)
I was able to sleep through the night in peace knowing that Judy was taking care of my wife.  I had tried to bring in other caretakers for Johanna and she rejected them all.  Johanna connected with Judy which took a lot of responsibility off my shoulders.  I appreciate that she was willing to work more than 40 hours a week so I didn’t need to introduce new peple into Johanna’s world.  She was extremely particular and hard to please.
Thank You,

From Jean ——(Patient)
I’ve been very satisfied with all the caregivers Czarina has sent to me.  They’ve all been cheerful, hard-working and most of all, nice.  I’ve never had to ask them to clean or run errands for me without a willing response. I do appreciate Czarina taking me to my appointments.  I really needed that help as I’ve stopped driving since my illness. Thank you for a pleasant experience.

for Jenny —— (Patient)
After taking time off work to care full-time for my “transitioning” mother,
I realized after a few weeks that I couldn’t do it by myself. Premier
Homecare Angels was recommended by my mother’s hospice nurse. While it was
hard to think about a “stranger” caring for my mom, Czarina, the owner of
Premier Homecare Angels, provided an amazing caregiver. She sent Glenda, who
is a true angel and has become part of our family.   She sincerely cares
about my mom, is gentle and compassionate. It gives me peace of mind knowing
that I can have a little time off to care for myself and not worry about my
mother’s care. Premier Homecare Angels has been a lifesaver for me during this difficult
time. Czarina is professional, compassionate and truly cares about the
caregiver service she is providing.  Words cannot express how much Premier
has helped me and my mother. I highly recommend Premier Homecare Angels for
those of you who need help caring for elderly family members.

for Marlow —— (Patient)
To Whom it may concern,
Premier Homecare Angels came highly recommended to us in our time of need.  Although our experience with them was brief, we found them, to a person, to be professional, reliable and courteous.  I would highly recommend them to others!
From Dan ——

for Rosita —— (Patient)
Premier Homecare Angels has helped my family so much. Czarina and Tedd have been very accessible, responsive and flexible in providing care for my mother and their caregivers are punctual, professional and seem to have limitless patience. They really are angels!
– Annabelle ——

for Ted —— (Patient)
Premier Homecare Angels took wonderful care of my husband for the last 9 months of his life.  I found them to be the most caring, loving, competent caregivers.  I am truly thankful for their wonderful care.
– Eleanor ——